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So what happened about the desk?

That’s a good question. I was talking in a way that might lead you to think I was setting all this up right now. However the reality is the I still don’t actually have the desk yet. I have decided that I do want to have a corner desk because they tend to be bigger than a typical office desk. And with that in mind there is actually one in the Argos catalogue I quite like the look of.

Samsung ML-1520 laser printer.

Samsung ML-1520 printer

Samsung ML-1520 printer

A few years ago I purchased a Samsung ML-1520 Laser printer. This is a very basic printer but it’s a laser and ideal for a home office. The prints from it are crisp and it works a treat…. on WINDOWS and LINUX! I purchased this thing in the days when I thought I would never own a Mac. As long as it supported Windows, I didn’t care. However, I now have a 2009 MacBook Pro and am using this for all my admin type tasks. Actually, I’m using it for a whole lot more than admin, but that’s another story.